Monday, December 7, 2009

Celebrity Muffin Tops

Celebrities may be famous for there acting or singing careers but they are also well known as having some of the best bodies around. However, we found a couple of celebrities that have fallen prone to the Muffin Top Epidemic that is sweeping across America…..even celebrities can’t escape.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jessica Simpson Muffin Top

Britney Spears Muffin Top

Katharine Mcphee (mini muffin top)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Muffin Top Nation

Do you know the muffin top? Well if you don't its hard to miss these days. Muffin tops are popping out all over the place these days. Its hard to walk down the street without being inundated with muffin tops.

The Muffin Top Phenomenon has begun at Muffin Top Nation .

It's not the shrine to Pillsbury or Little Debbie, it's the dedication to abdominal flubber. You gotta see it! You gotta share it. You too can be a muffin top hunter.

Join for free and enjoy all the excitement as members from all over the world share pictures, videos and outlandish stories of girls and guys that never heard the expression, 'Just because they make it in your size...."

There's rolls and rolls of fun, but no blueberries!

Welcome to Muffin Top Nation where everyone resembles a baked good.

muffin top,muffin top,muffin top

What is a Muffin Top

A Muffin Top is a word used to describe the fat that hangs over the top of the jeans (and often seen hanging out under the edge of a shirt...), leading to the "muffin top" shape. It is most often caused by females wearing tight fitting, low-rise/hip-hugger pants.

Muffin Top Pictures

Check out More Muffin Top Photos at MuffinTopNation.Com

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